Herbal Deep Pore Cleanser

An Original Homemade Skin Care Recipe

This pore cleanser will painlessly end your skin problems. No more tears from the charcoal masks peeling off your skin. Gently scrub your pores the natural way.

My pore cleanser uses herbs, salt, charcoal, and essential oils to gently lift dirt and grime out of your pores, while simultaneously cleansing the skin. After lifting the impurities to the surface, you can easily wipe them away without harming your the living skin.

Charcoal's drawing ability is one of the reasons the charcoal peel-off mask became so popular. However, the charcoal peel off mask is a lot more abrasive than is best to be with your skin. The peel off mask doesn't just rip out all of the nastiness in your pores and dead skin on the surface, it also takes off a thin layer of surface skin that is not ready to come off. 

That's why so many people complained about how badly it hurt. If you continually rip off the surface layer like that, your skin will start to form scar tissue there, which will give your face a more rough, aged look.

When trying to clean your pores, it's best to be very gentle with your skin.That's why I like to use these natural ingredients to coax the grime out of my pores, and gently rinse it off the surface with warm water instead. 

This pore cleanser is especially useful for washing your face after you've put makeup on it. It is very soothing and cleansing for your pores, and helps prevent acne.

Herbal Pore Cleanser Recipe:

  • 1T Baking Soda
  • 1T Amala Powder
  • 1T Neem
  • 1tsp Reetha Powder
  • 1tsp Shikakai Powder
  • 1tsp Activated Charcoal Powder
  • 5 - 10 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil (optional)

For Mixing:

  • 1 T Mixture from above
  • 1 T water

Pore Cleanser Directions:

Carefully mix all of the ingredients, store in a seal-able glass container. Be careful to avoid inhaling the the dust, while you mix the powders. Just hold the bowl about arms distance from yourself while you mix.


Combine 1 T of the dry mixture with 1 T of water. (Mixture will slightly fizz up, due to baking soda and reetha powder mixing in water. This will actually make it feel smoother on your skin)

Massage into your face in a circular motion to gently exfoliate the pores. Rinse with warm water. Pat face dry before applying toner and lotion. Use as frequently as you'd use a pore scrub on your skin type.

The longer you massage the mixture into your pores, the more time the activated charcoal will have to pull impurities and pathogens out of your skin. (Remember it works like a magnet to draw things toward itself) For best results, try to massage it into your face for three to five minutes before rinsing with warm water.


Thoroughly rinsing your face with warm water before use will cause your pores to relax and open slightly. This will give the pore cleanser a better chance to get in deeper and pull more dirt out.

This might not pull every bit of dirt out of your pores the very first time, but it will gently bring everything to the surface, and allow you to rinse it away. Because this is so much safer and gentler on your skin, you can use it 2 - 3 times a week. After a few uses, you will definitely notices cleaner pores that are staying clearer as well. 

This pore cleanser cleans and prevents infections that may cause acne or other skin imperfections. 

About the Ingredients


Salt is very good for your skin. Researchers have started to notice that people who live closer to the ocean tend to have better skin for longer. They have started doing all kinds of studies for why that might be, but nothing concrete has been discovered. It is my belief that this is because of the amount of salt in the air, and their increased interaction with the salt water.

Salt is one of nature's best cleansing agents, and it strips dirt from your skin effortlessly. Salt can also dry out your skin, so when you use salt in your skincare, it is important to also use a moisturizer.

Baking soda is a great cleansing agent, and is gentler on the skin than some other salts, making it a gentler scrubbing agent.

Part of the reason salt is so good at scrubbing your skin is because it's tiny, sharp crystals. Sometimes larger salt crystals can actually scratch the surface of your skin. In order to avoid this, you can put the salt in the blender or coffee grinder, and grind it to the consistency of baking soda.

If you are a person that has a skin sensitivity to baking soda, you can always use Himalayan Pink salt, ground up really fine instead.

Amla Powder

Amla powder comes from the Amla berry, which is extremely high in vitamin A. When topically used, vitamin A can help tighten your pores, giving your skin a glowing sheen and even consistency. 

The Amla berry is dried out and ground into a fine powder, which is what we use here. Amla powder is also used in India as a natural conditioning agent for hair, because it's ability to tighten the strands, giving it a shining aesthetic and an airy softness. 

While the other ingredients get in deep and clean out the inside of your pores, the Amla works to tighten them up, so they let less inside in the future. Amla is a very important part of this pore cleanser. 


Ancient healers believed that the Neem tree was sacred, because every part of the Neem tree can be used for some form of healing. The bark is very good for cleansing teeth, and relieving tooth pain. The stems of the leaves, can be made into tea to help boost the immune system, and the leaves themselves have been used for thousands of years to fight infection.

Neem powder comes from dried, ground up Neem leaves. The Neem leaves combat topical infections that may lead to acne, and also wipe our lingering infection under the skin, that is already starting to make an acne spot.

Neem cleans out any possible infection from your pores, making it a vital part of the pore cleanser. 


Reetha powder works similarly to the salts here. Reetha strips dirt and excess oils from the skin. In India, this is often used as a scalp cleanser in home made shampoos. 

Reetha is pretty potent, and a small amount goes a long way, so it works well for cleaning the scalp, which can be hard to get to under all the hair. 

Reetha works equally as well for pores as it does for scalp. It's very effective at getting in and stripping off the dirt and oils. 


Shikakai is also something I found that is generally used for hair. Like I've said before, anything that is good for your skin is good for your hair because they are both just collagen. The same is true vise versa, as well.

Shikakai is traditionally used as a conditioning agent for hair. I always use Shikakai for skincare in anything that I am using Reetha. Reetha is great for stripping away dirt and oil, but it can leave your skin pretty dry.

That's where Shikakai comes in. Shikakai is rich in nutrients that skin and hair drink up, leaving it softer and more relaxed. Shikakai helps repair skin or hair damage, which is why I call it a skin conditioner as well as a hair conditioner. 

The reason Shikakai is important to this pore cleanser is because it helps protect your skin from being ravaged by the other ingredients powerful cleansers.

When you're stripping bad things from your skin, it's important to give some good back as well.

Activated Charcoal

Although charcoal in it's diamond form may be far more expensive, charcoal in it's charcoal form is far more useful. From fuel for fire to cleansing your skin, charcoal has a wide range of uses.

Activated charcoal is very good at drawing foreign bodies out of your body. When I was a kid we used to use charcoal mixed with black ointment by Nature Sunshine to draw the venom out of a spider bite. I still use this combination on myself and my dogs for other kinds of drawing.

Charcoal has a strong charge that helps it pull on toxins and impurities like a magnet. The charcoal pulls them to the surface and latches onto them, so they can easily be wiped away when you wipe away the charcoal. 

The activated charcoal is probably the most important ingredient in this pore cleanser. The others fight infection, sooth your skin, or tighten your pores, but the activated charcoal is what actually pulls the dirt and grime out of your pores. 

Charcoal is a highly effective drawing agent. I use this pore cleanser every time I wear makeup or skip a face washing. It's gentle, it's herbal, and it's effective.

Melaleuca (Tee Tree) Oil

Essential oils are included in almost all of my skincare products. Essential oils have many, many uses from improved sleep to skin care to metabolic function. I've incorporated essential oils into my every day life, and thus they have made it into my skin care products. 

Melaleuca essential oil is similar to charcoal in that it is an excellent drawing agent. However, it is also a really good topical cleanser for skin and hair. Melaleuca is good for balancing skin, as well as driving away infection.

In natural medicine Melaleuca has been used to treat cold sores, cleanse open wounds, and drive away acne. I incorporate Melaleuca in all of my natural skin care products, and it plays a big roll in my natural toner.

Melaleuca sort of "super charges" this pour cleanser. Some people are sensitive to Melaleuca in it's pure form so, if you are using doTERRA oils, use only a couple drops. They are so pure and concentrated that you don't need a lot for it to be effective.

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