Original Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Raw, Natural, and Essential

These are all homemade skin care recipes recipes that I wrote myself. I developed these recipes over the course of many years, to get them just right. These are my recommended skin care recipes, as they are all extremely effective, and all of the ingredients are straight from the plant to you. No processing or changing them from their natural form. This is raw, natural skin care. The way it should be.

I've always been very conscious about what is in my skincare. I am very nervous about how chemicals change natural functions. There are so many products that claim to be natural, then you start reading about them, and they turn out to be laced with hidden chemicals.

After being let down by my skincare time and time again, I decided it was time for homemade skin care. I started looking for other people's recipes, and most of them were good, but not quite right for me. I wanted raw, natural, straight from the plant recipes. 

Finally I decided it was time to write my own homemade skin care recipes. At first I kept my homemade skin care recipes a secret and used them only for my friends and family. I wanted to share my products with everyone, but selling them pre-made was too much of a time investment, since I am a working mom and I'm finishing my college degree.

As the demand from my friends group grew and grew, I decided it was time to share the homemade skin care recipes with everyone. Every one of these homemade skin care recipes has raw, natural, herbal, or essential oil ingredients. 

Since I was a little kid, I always just thought it made sense that the Earth gives us everything we need to have long lasting youth. Many of the chemicals in over the counter products burn your skin if applied directly. These companies will tell you that if you just dilute it, it's okay. I however, cannot sign up with that.

If I cannot put a product on my skin by itself without causing damage, then I do not incorporate it in my homemade skin care recipes. I love plants, and I love what plants can do for us. That's why I developed these homemade skin care recipes, and that's why I am sharing them with all of you for free.

The motto for Herbal Aesthetics Homemade Skin Care Recipes is still in the works, but it's going to be something along the lines of "straight from the plant to you." 

I hope you try these recipes, because they will change the face of your skin care forever, you'll never want to turn back.

Original Homemade Skin Care Recipes:

Scrubs and Cleansers:

Deep Pore Cleanser - Say goodbye to acne for good

This pore cleanser will painlessly end your skin problems. No more tears from the charcoal masks peeling off your skin. Gently scrub your pores the natural way.

My pore cleanser uses herbs, salt, charcoal, and essential oils to gently lift dirt and grime out of your pores, while simultaneously cleansing the skin. After lifting the impurities to the surface, you can easily wipe them away without harming your the living skin.

Basic Face Scrub

Image By Hubertl - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

This is a basic recipe for a homemade face scrub. This just outlines how to make a face scrub and what kind of ratio to use. The great thing about this, is you can design it to fit your skin needs. Here I've gone over what kinds of oils, salts, and sugars you can use to make a face scrub.

You can customize the oil, salt, or sugar for what is best for your specific skin. After all, no one knows your skin like you do. This scrub is not limited to face, you can use it as an all over body scrub as well. 

Don't forget about essential oils too. They can super charge a recipe with just a couple drops. Read here for help choosing the best essential oil for your skin care needs.

Gentle Acne Face Wash

This is a gentle acne face wash I use on daily basis, in the summer. For me, summer time is accompanied with oily skin. I don't know why, but when the sun comes out, my face decides to get oily. Where there is oil sitting on top of your skin, acne is sure to follow.

These raw, natural ingredients help strip away excessive dirt and oils, and they help wipe out harmful bacteria lurking on the surface of your skin. 

If you use something on your face every day, it is important to use a gentle product, even if you do not have sensitive skin. Remember that your skin is a living organ, that needs tender loving care. If you take good care of your skin, it will take good care of you too. You don't want to rip things off your skin, or scrub too hard or you could damage the surface of your living skin, and in an attempt to protect itself the body will quickly make scar tissue to replace it.

Scar tissue look rough and dry because it's tougher than regular skin. Scar tissue is also extremely hard to get rid of as well. That's why I recommend this gentle daily facial cleanser.

Lotion - The one and only:

My Original Homemade Skin Care Recipes only has one lotion, purposefully. Once I perfected this incredible lotion recipe, I never wanted to use another one. "Miracle Lotion" started out as a joke, but the name stuck because the lotion works so incredibly well. 

This recipe contains a body butter formula, which I use on my stretch marks, and a lotion formula that I use every where else (it's less "buttery"), but both formulas use the same ingredients.

If I have sore muscles, I add Deep Blue essential oil instead of the ones listed here, but other than that this recipe is tried and true and I do not need another.

Natural Organic Lotion - Works like a Miracle

This is a natural organic lotion that I came up with after my oldest daughter was born. The final version of this lotion was so rejuvenating, repairing, and fast acting that I jokingly started calling it miracle lotion. 

My husband loved using this natural organic miracle lotion too, and it actually worked to help fade some scars he had on his back for the last 15 or so years. I started giving it out to my other mom friends to try out, and next thing I knew the joking name "Miracle Lotion" stuck.

Face Masks:

Healing Mud Mask - Say Hello to Perfect Skin

This is one of the crown jewels of my homemade skin care line. This Healing mask, can give you perfect skin after the first use. This is the mask that changed my skin forever.

It took me a very long time to perfect this healing mud mask, but it ended up being so worth it. This mud mask is so fast acting you can see the difference after only one use.

Since the comfrey powder in this recipe heals the skin from the top, going inward, it's very important to make sure you skin is very clean before using the mask. I recommend washing with this deep pore cleanser before using this mask.

If you put the mask on your face with dirty pores, it might seal the dirt in under your skin, which can lead to acne. I always use it in combination with my deep pore cleanser, because there is no chance of leaving dirt behind on your skin.

Honey Masks

Image GFDL 1.2, Link

I use this honey mask, when I feel like my skin needs a bacterial cleanse. Honey and castor oil work together to clean away unwanted toxins and bacteria from your skin.

I love honey. It's the only sweetener that come straight from nature 100% unchanged. In addition, it has incredible benefits from your skin. An old hippy I once knew, told me "I'll take anything that comes from the little bee over what comes from a factory." I always loved that, and it stuck with me. She actually helped me in the early stages of developing this honey mask, and it'll always hold a special spot in my homemade skin care recipes because of her.

However, honey also has a number of healing benefits for your skin in addition to it's disinfecting properties.

Acne Face Mask - Exquisite Complexion

This acne face mask is very similar to the deep pore cleanser above. The main difference is that this one does not have baking soda in it, so it can sit on your skin for much longer, which a mask should be able to do.

This acne face mask has really changed my skin in more ways than just healing the acne. Since I've been using this, I've noticed a lot more even tone, my pores are smaller, and look tighter than they did before, and the age lines around my eyes and forehead are a lot less prominent. 

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