Essential Oil Uses

Essential oil uses are a hard thing to define, because essential oils have a wide range of uses from balancing emotions and easing tension, to cleansing skin and mending topical imperfections.

Choosing a brand of essential oils can be challenging. I chose doTERRA because they are simply the best essential oils on the market. Click here to see what sets doTERRA apart from the rest.

Plants have been used in homeopathic remedies and personal care for centuries. Although the natural way has somewhat gotten lost in our development of the Western Way, there is a new era arising of an integrative lifestyle. 

For those of us who have become aware of the toxic overload of chemicals in food, personal care, and cleaning products; essential oils have become a perfect natural alternative. Whether it be combating anxiety, cleaning your skin and hair, or scrubbing your toilets there is an essential oil up to the task.

Some oils are currently in trials for natural cancer remedies, supporting cellular regeneration, skin regrowth, and preventing heart disease.

There are many, many uses in daily life for essential oils. Here, I've sorted the uses into topical, internal, and aromatic (aromatherapy). Each of these topics covers what to use and how to use them.

It’s important to remember that not all essential oils can be ingested, and some of them need to be diluted with a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.) before they can touch your skin. doTERRA essential oils, for example, are very concentrated, so in their pure form, some of them will burn your skin if you do not dilute them. All doTERRA oils will specify on the bottle if they can be taken internally, and if they need to be diluted for topical use.

The only oils I ever recommend using are doTERRA's because their oils are the purest on Earth. Each batch of doTERRA oils come with a link, where you can look up the third-party lab results of your specific oil, to view the purity. doTERRA believes in absolute transparency, and purity of the oil is more important to them than anything else.

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Essential Oil Uses Topically

Essential Oil Uses to Enliven all of your Topical Routines:

1. Topical Mending

  • Naturally amp your home remedies such as poultices, salves, or creams.

2. Skin Care

  • Incorporating essential oils into your skincare routine can give you perfect, glowing skin, with an even complexion. 

Skin Blemishes

  • Kiss blemishes goodbye with these oils

Oily Skin

  • Oils that help you say hello to balanced skin

Dry Skin

  • Oils to help deliver deep hydration, and moisturize to your skin

Combat Aging

  • You don't have to be movie star to turn back the clock, if you know how to use your essential oils.

3. Hair Care

  • These oils help repair and protect your hair from heat damage and breakage. They will also help it grow longer, thicker, and faster.

4. Sleep Aid

  • Rest is of the upmost importance. Getting that rest with 0 side effects is ideal. Check out these oils to regulate your circadian rhythm.

5. Household Cleaning

  • Essential oils you can use for cleaning your home, and essential oil products to replace chemical ridden household cleaning products.

Essential Oil Uses Internally

Essential Oil Uses Internally that will improve your body functions:

1. General Internal Support

  • These essential oils aid your body in doing it's regular function better

2. Immune Function Support

  • Combating illness at home

3. Cellular Regeneration 

  • Give your body the aid it needs to regenerate needed cell, undo years of damage.

4. Internal Cleansing

  • Essential oils to help cleanse your body of toxins

5. Energy and Dietary Support

  • Essential oils to help you lose weight in a healthy way, and give you more energy while your doing it

6. Digestion Support

  • Essential oils to help regulate your digestion

7. Sleep

  • Essential oils to promote restful sleep, and calm the mind.

Essential Oil Uses Aromatically

Essential Oil Uses that can improve your life Aromatically:

1. Respiratory Support

  • You'd never realize how badly you needed a breath until you start breathing these essential oils, which improve your respiratory system. With more oxygen available, every single system in your body runs better. 
  • Most people who live in an area where other humans live, breathe more toxins in a day than they are aware of. From car fumes to chemical plants, to people smoking outside, there are always chemicals in the air around us, that our ancestors just didn't have to worry about. 
  • Every person alive today can benefit from supporting their respiratory system.

2. Sleep Aid

  • Sleeping well helps your body improve itself both mentally and physically. It is astounding that the great majority of adults alive in the world today do not get enough sleep as a way of life, and no one is treating this like the crisis it is. Think about what we as humanity could accomplish if we were a better rested society.
  • Chemical sleeping supplements prevent your body from being able to regulate its own sleep schedule naturally. Using natural remedies to help you sleep, help your body regulate its circadian rhythm, the way it was meant to do.

3. Mood Stabilizers 

  • You'd be shocked the effect smells can have on your mood. I know I was. Simply adding an oil diffuser to my office change my attitude so much, that it ended up changing my entire life. It's crazy what a difference an attitude change can make, and it all started with a little diffuser. (Buy your diffuser from amazon, not your oil supplier. Unlike oils, less expensive diffusers are equally as functional.)

4. Energy Boost

  • People with more energy are happier. That's why children tend to be happier than adults. Caffeine consumption can throw off your natural balance, and cause sleeplessness. These natural energy supporters help you feel more energized, without having any kind of effect on your sleep cycle.

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