Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Aromatic therapy is one of the most under-utilized therapies in the modern world. What you breathe has a huge effect on your mood, energy level, the health of your internal systems. Every household, office, and school should have a diffuser running all the time. 

Breathing pure essential oils throughout the day can both lift you up, and prepare your body for sleep. Your respiratory system is a huge decider of your daily and long term health. Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or tired all deteriorate your health. These thing cause you to physically age more quickly, and contribute to mental decline. 

Breath is one of the greatest parts of life, and it is so neglected in our modern world.

Respiratory Support

All of these oils are very good for supporting a healthy respiratory system. Diffusing these oils throughout the day promote healthy breathing, which will increase the quality of your daily life, as well as giving you more energy.

For a quick "pick me up," you can put a couple drops on your palm, cup your mouth and nose, and breathe deeply a few times.

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Sleep Aid

Lavender is very calming to the mind, body, and the soul. Lavender can be drank in tea, applied topically (most effective that the bottom of the feet, massaged into temples, and where the spine meets the base of the skull.), and diffused to promote relaxation before bed.

Serenity can be diffused or applied topically. 

It is very difficult to sleep if you are not breathing properly. Breathe helps promote a healthy, high functioning respiratory system, which in tern helps your body fall asleep and stay asleep.

I personally diffuse Serenity and Breathe together, starting an hour before bedtime, and running throughout the night. I put pure lavender on my feet, neck, temples, and sprinkle it on my pillow every night. My chronic sleepless nights have completely dissipated, since starting this routine.

Mood Stabilizers

Here I am just going to talk about the Emotional Therapy Kit offered by doTERRA. This comes in a roller touch kit, and an aromatic kit

This kit contains 6 blends:

These oils have changed my life. They are for exactly what the name implies. 

Sadness is a growing epidemic in the modern world. Feelings of hopelessness, melancholy, misery, and self-doubt are destroying thousands of lives throughout the entire world. This is no joke for people who carry these feelings every day. Its a terrible, crushing burden, that feels impossible to escape and impossible to vocalize, for fear of judgement. For sadness, self-doubt, misery, and melancholy there is Cheer essential oil. Breathe it, and apply it to your pulse points to promote uplifting feelings.

Inevitably in all of our lives there will be times of great grief. This is a difficult emotion to process, it's necessary to feel those feelings of loss, but they are so very painful. Grief is an incredibly person emotion, it's difficult to share with anyone else, which just makes it an even heavier burden. Some of us carry grief with us our entire lives, and never really let it go. For grief there is Console to help ease that burden. 

Anger is another emotion that many carry all the time. Anger festers, and greatly decreases the quality of life. Anger is a really tough thing to let go, but nothing good is ever born out of anger. For Anger there is Forgive. It's important to forgive others, but it's also important to remember to forgive ourselves. Carrying feelings that you may have fallen short, or being angry at yourself for past regrets, is never helpful. It's important to learn from your mistakes, but let those feelings go.

Motivate is a very straight forward oil. All of us sometimes feel like we just don't want to do anything. Maybe due to tiredness, perhaps the weather, or maybe it's just the way you feel that day. Motive promotes feeling of energy, and excitement toward life. I use motivate every day.

Sometimes life just feels like it's lost all meaning. Perhaps it hasn't been the best day, week, or month, perhaps you just aren't feeling excited about life anymore. Well, that's what Passion is for. Passion brings back the joy of just living. One of my favorite songs is Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp. There is a line that says "Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone." This has been true for me many times, but Passion helps bring back the joy.

Peace is for exactly that. It calms the mind, and helps the body relax. Peace promotes feelings of peace, and it's a great bed time blend. When you lay awake at night, and your mind won't stop running, peace helps it relax.

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Energy Boost

For energy the Motivate blend is really great to diffuse as well. However these others all promote energetic feelings as well. If you are exercising at home or doing yoga to wake up, try diffusing some of these.

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