Eating Clean

Eating clean is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. The road to being healthy and strong starts with what you eat. Eating clean foods will give you the building blocks you need live a long, healthy life.

What is clean eating? I define eating clean as eating thing that have a positive effect on your body. There are ways you can eat that are healthy for your body, and ways you can eat that are not. 

There is no short term diet that will be effective long term. Short term things have short term results. The only way to lasting health is a permanent change. Many popular diet plans tell you that you can lose weight in 60 days, cleanse in 30 days, or achieve physical greatness in some small amount of time. Even if this may work for that small increment of time, it will stop being effective as soon as you stop doing it. 

The best way to stay healthy for a long time is to change the way you eat permanently. If you are eating clean all the time, and take in nutritious foods that have lasting benefit to your body, you will be able to handle the occasional dietary indiscretion. A healthy, strong diet ensures that your body can process small, infrequent amounts of bad food quickly, without too much harm.

Any truly healthy body, can handle the occasional bit of dessert or heavy food, if it is truly occasional.

Eating clean as a way of life will make you feel better, live longer, and feel more fulfilled. Your food is your fuel. Choose to fuel yourself with clean, high quality food. Unlike your car, you cannot replace your body every couple of years.

If you take care of your body and invest in your long-term healthy by eating clean, it will take care of you for a long time.

Clean Eating Diets:

  1. Healthy Eating
  • This is Healthy-Strong's page about clean eating, and recommended way of eating as a lifestyle. In Healthy Eating we talk about how to match your diet to you. That is also an important part of healthy. Diet will differ from person to person. However, clean eating is clean eating. It really isn't healthy for anyone to take down a big steak followed by a slice of cheese cake every evening.

2. Whole 30

  • Like I've said before, nothing short-term is effective long term. However, if you apply the rules of Whole 30 as guidelines for you every day diet, it makes a very clean base for your eating habits. Whole 30 is very strict and they often use the word "never," which I exclusively apply to pork. If this is your base eating as a way of life, you can afford to have "cheat" food every now and then. It's also okay, to have the occasional drink of alcohol. Red wine, especially, can be heart healthy in small amounts. Whole 30 also says to never eat sugar. We recommend eating sugar, but in it's natural form (fruits and vegetables).

Unhealthy Diets:

1. The Keto Diet

  • This diet is rapidly growing in popularity. Unfortunately it's also fairly dangerous. The idea of the keto diet is to send your body into a state called ketosis. Unfortunately, ketosis leads to acidosis or ketoacidosis and can cause a number of health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and in extreme cases coma or death.

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