Easy Healthy Recipes for Every Home

These are easy healthy recipes that I have used, and several other moms I know contributed as well. It is so much easier to be healthy if you are eating the great majority of your food at home. 

Cooking can be intimidating, but these recipes break it down so that they are easy to follow, and as you get a feel for these recipes you can start to create your own.

Cooking used to stress me out, and then as I started to learn more about different flavors it became a restful outlet for me. Now I go into the kitchen and I see where the food takes me instead of following a strict recipe. It's become a stress reliever to me, and pouring myself into the food I make has become an escape from the other stresses of life. Not only are these recipes nourishing to my body and the bodies of my family, but they have become a restful place for my soul as well.

Choosing Healthy Food Portions

Regardless of body type or genetic factors, everyone should be eating more plants than anything else. Genetic factors, body type, and activity level play a roll in the proportion of other things like grains and protein. You can read about what I call healthy eating, if you need help deciding what kind of portions are appropriate for you and your family.

Below is an image of the whole30's meal portion plan, which is a good guide line, but like I said portions for different people differ depending on genetics, lifestyle, and body type.

Most Americans get far more protein in their diet than is necessary, which is part of the reason we have an epidemic of obesity in this country. For me, I like to incorporate protein and carbs as a side, and make vegetables my main course. I like to cook with healthier meats, making fish and fowl staples and red meat as an occasional food.

I've tried to divide my recipes up into categories that make it easier to design an entire healthy meal that fits your needs.

Easy Healthy Recipes

Quick Easy Healthy Recipes

Fish Tacos

Prep Time: 15 - 20 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Fish is an important staple to have in your diet, because it is rich with Omega 3 fatty acids. These are called the essential acids, because your body does not make them, but needs them. You can always take supplements, but it's better to get as much of your nutrients from your food as possible. Fish tacos are a fun way to eat fish, and even kids who don't like fish are more likely to eat it inside a taco. 

Pita Pizzas

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Description: Pita Pizzas are a lot of fun to do with the whole family. If you aren't making your own sauce, they are very fast to make. This requires very little prep time, you can personalize each pizza to whatever your family wants to eat, or you can do a whole batch all the same. The nice thing with Pita Pizzas is that they are very versatile, and easy to make healthy. I let my kids help me put them together, so it makes it go even faster and it's a fun experience for everyone.

Easy Healthy Oven Recipes

Roast Chicken

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Roast chicken is one of my favorite things to prepare because it's easy, inexpensive, versatile, and feeds the whole family. Not only that, but roasted chicken often yields a good amount of leftovers, which I often reuse for in a lot of different ways. If you're looking for bang for your buck, roast chicken is the way to go. I roast a chicken pretty much once a week.

The other nice thing about oven recipes is that it requires a little up front work, but then it just cooks in the oven and leaves you time to catch up on prep dishes, sides, or even just to take a break and have a drink.

Easy Healthy Sauces

Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe

Easy Healthy Snack Recipes

Chunky Guacamole

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