Absolute Best Natural Skin Care

The best natural skincare can be hard to determine. There are many items claiming to be natural, but as you read through the ingredients, you’ll often find it’s laced with chemicals and unnatural preservatives. Most of the skincare products that are really natural, are often too expensive to buy on a regular basis.

That’s why I always say the best natural skincare is the skincare you make yourself. It’s more affordable, the products last longer, and every batch is catered specifically to you. These are my homemade skincare recipes, that are easy, herbal, and completely natural.

As you search through homemade skincare products, you’ll find that a lot of them call for the same ingredients. If you just get a few ingredients and learn what they are for, you can mix and match and make a lot if different things. 

As long as you know what each of your ingredients are for, you can design your own products, and recipes become more guidelines than rules. Only you know exactly what your skin needs, that's why I explain what all of the ingredients are for on my homemade skin care recipes.

However, if you don't want to make your own products there are still excellent natural skincare options. Before we go over products, though, let's talk about what good skincare is.

Best Natural Skin Care Routine

A routine is what will make or break your skin care. The best skin care in the world, won't solve anything if it's never used. Creating a routine for your skin is very important for long term skin health.

Best Natural Skin Care Twice Daily:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser
  2. Pat face dry, then apply a toner
  3. Apply a moisturizer and/or hydrating serum

Gentle Cleanser: 

The reason I say a gentle cleanser regardless of skin type, is because even if you do not have sensitive skin, it's important to treat your skin like it is sensitive. This encourages best aging. If your rough with your skin, your body will recognize that and naturally start making tougher skin to be able to withstand the brutal treatment. This is my daily gentle cleanser recipe. It's titled Acne Face Wash, because it combats acne, but it's gentle enough to be a daily cleanser.


The purpose of toner is to tighten your pores. Tightening your pore does improve the overall look of your skin, but that's not even the most important part. Dirt and dust from the air, and perhaps pathogens from touching your face, have a harder time getting into pores that are tighter. Taught skin also tends to age better. When skin is loose, and pores expand they collect more dirt and are more likely to form age lines at a younger age. I am going to add a toner recipe to my homemade skin care recipes, but that almost isn't even necessary.

Easy Natural Toners: 

  • Witch Hazel - comes from a shrub in North America, great natural toner
  • Rose Water - Roses have good properties for tightening skin, so you can buy rose water, or soak rose petals in water to make your own, or you can add rose essential oil to water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple Cider Vinegar is really good for your skin, and can be used by itself for a natural toner
  • Tea Tree Oil and Water - Tea Tree (Melaleuca) essential oil is incredible for skin. It works really well for acne treatment, as well as evening skin tone. You put a couple drops in water and use that as a toner as well.

Moisturizer or Hydrating Serum:

You're probably wondering what the difference is between moisturizing and hydrating. Both are important for skin care, but usually one is better than the other for a particular skin type. Moisturizing is lotion, which often uses something oil based like Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil etc.. Hydrating usually comes from something that helps your skin retain water. Hydrating yourself from the inside (drinking water) will give your skin the best possible change at remaining youthful throughout your life. However, you can add additional hydration with something like aloe, cucumber, or celery  ingredients.

I've heard people say countless times "My skin is dry and oily? How can that even be?" Well, you probably need a hydrating serum, not a lotion. If your skin is oily, it needs balance. Getting to know your skin is really important, and once you find equilibrium with your skin, it's easier to find the best natural skin care routine for you personally.

Best Natural Skin Care Twice Weekly:

  • Scrub or Pore Cleanser

Twice a week, it's good to get your pores really extra clean, and scrub away any dead skin cells. This is a really good habit for your facial care.

You can use a sugar scrub or a salt scrub. These are both really easy to make. Click here for a basic face scrub recipe

I really like to use a deep pore cleanser, and you can click here for my herbal recipe.

Either way, these go in and scrub out any impurities to stay ahead of any skin imperfection.

In your skincare routine, twice weekly you can replace the cleanser with a scrub. Most scrubs have cleansers in them, and if you're using a salt scrub, salt is a natural cleanser, so you don't need to also use your face wash at the same time as your scrub.

Best Natural Skin Care Once a Week:

  • Masks

Masks are a very important part of skincare, because they can give your skin that extra boost to make it that much better. I have a few masks in my homemade skin care recipes, that I cycle through. Honey masks are great for cleaning and revitalizing your skin, Acne face mask is excellent for combating acne or fishing anything unwanted out of your skin, and Healing Mud Mask is excellent for removing age lines and making your skin look like perfection after only one use. 

Every Friday night, I put my kids to bed at 8:30, wash my face and put on a mask. I pour myself a glass of wine, and watch my favorite show. One mommy I know, likes to meditate with her masks on. Perhaps your thing is taking a bath, or something entirely different. Whatever your thing may be, it's important to find away to relax. Stress is one of the worst things for your skin, so I figure when I'm giving my skin it's "reset," I'll take the opportunity to de-stress as well.

For the mask, I usually like to wash my face with a daily cleanser, apply the mask, and after I rinse it off, I continue with the toner and lotion.

Setting a skin care routine is something that you'll be grateful for sooner than you think. I started getting age lines in my early 20's, and that's when I started taking my skin care seriously. Fortunately skin can be really forgiving if you start taking care of it, and a lot of damage can be undone.

Best Natural Skin Care Products

doTERRA Skin Care Product:

Skin care products can be tricky and companies are not always truthful with what is in their products. Once of my favorite companies to get skin care product from is doTERRA. doTERRA is an essential oil company, but they also sell skin care products. Their products use essential oils and other natural ingredients, and they are really effective.

They have three different skincare lines. HD Clear, which is the line for acne treatment. Verage, which is the classic skincare line. Essential Skin Care, which is their anti-aging line. The essential skin care line is my favorite of theirs, but my sister swears by HD clear, and I have a friend, who loves Verage. Again, no one will know your perfect skin care like you do.

Their products are the top of the line, so they can be pricy, but with a wholesale membership you can save 25% across the board on all of their products. Feel free to contact me for more information or click here to sign up.

Essential Skin Care Line

The essential skincare line has far more product than either of doTERRA's other lines, but it's my favorite line. For me personally, I like to get the "Customizable Essential Skin Care Kit " option, and then add the other product's I want for $25 each. That is a significant savings and an option that is exclusively available to wholesale members. I usually have to restock about once every 6 months, so it actually ends up being an affordable option. With all of these lines, you'll quickly learn that a little bit goes a long way.

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