Benefits of Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil are extensive. Simply put: olive oil is one of the healthiest fats you can put on or in your body (within reason). Whether it is an ingredient in your food, conditioner, or lotion, olive oil works its magic to make you healthy, strong and beautiful.

It's healthy to have some fat in your diet. However, not all fats are created equal. There are good ones and bad ones. Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the best fats to consume. Replacing unhealthy fats with olive oil in your daily diet is one of the best long term health decision you could make.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

“Olive oil is a great defender against cardio vascular disease simply because of its chemical structure; i.e. it is a monounsaturated fat…” says Dr. Whitelocke M.D. "Simply put: saturated fats stack like lego blocks in your blood, clogging your arteries. Unsaturated fats do not."

The primary difference between good and bad fats is whether they cumulate in your blood, clogging the passages or not. With caveats, unsaturated fats do not, and saturated fats do. 

According to Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology, Olive oil is the best oil for eating because it’s about 85% unsaturated fats. That is pretty much the best you can find in an oil. 

A recent study, published in 2015 indicates that Oleocanthal found in extra-virgin olive oil can aid in the rupturing of cancerous cells. It can kill cancer cells without harming any healthy cells.

Oleocanthal is also a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It has similar properties to a small dose of ibuprofen. Long term daily ingestion of olive oil has been credited with lowering blood pressure, lowering risk of diabetes, certain cancers, and cardio vascular disease, as well as being a rich source of energy.

The body can process the fats in olive oil with some ease, without clogging any passages. In fact, olive oil actually lubricates the arteries instead of creating blockages. Avoiding this kind of blockage significantly lowers risk of heart disease. 

Currently, Oleocanthal is being tested as an aid in preventing Alzheimer's disease and other kinds of dementia. Oleocanthal is thought to protect again the deterioration of brain cells, specifically those controlling memory.

However, all good things in moderation; if you consume too much fat for your body to process, it’ll store it. It’s never healthy to consume more fats than your body can process, even if they are good fats. 

The olive oil you choose definitely matters. Like all things, it’s cheaper to cut olive oil with bad oils and sell it at a lower price. Always makes sure what you are buying is 100% cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. 

Look for the USDA ORGANIC label. That olive oil will be stored correctly, grown from organic olives and will be made from fresher olives.

Oils used for diluting, like vegetable or soybean oil, are generally very harmful to your body.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

In addition to being great for your cardiovascular health, olive oil is great for your skin. Olive oil’s antioxidants work to reverse aging and keep your skin looking younger for longer. 

Olive oil is full of nutrients, which your skin soaks up like fertilizer. The ancient Egyptians are famously one of the most vein cultures, and they used olive oil on their skin to keep it looking youthful and vibrant. The very wealthy were known to bathe in tubs of olive oil.

Although an olive oil bath might sound nice in theory, olive oil is one of the heavier oils for your skin. If you have very dry skin, I would highly recommend olive oil as a lotion. However, if your skin sometime has trouble with being oily, its probably better to use olive oil in smaller amount.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

As you look into natural skin and hair care products, you'll find that many things that are good for nourishing your skin, are also good nourishment for your hair. This is the case with olive oil as well.

For hair that is more course and dry, olive oil can be used directly on it as a conditioning agent. For finer hair that tends to get more oily, it better to use olive oil sparingly. 

Olive oil can help your hair grow, and it can reverse a lot of damage done from heat and chemical product. It tends to leave an oily residue, so I generally recommend using it as an ingredient or using a small amount. 

The way your skin and hair look, often has to do with what you eat. Consuming olive oil will not only give you glowing skin, but it can also make your hair grow fuller and thicker, with a healthier sheen. 

Applied topically, it can prevent split ends and thinning as well. 

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