About Me

My name is Janelle Pavao Whitelocke. I'm a wife, mother, computer science student, and health enthusiast. Like most women these days, I work hard at multitasking. It can be hard to devote time to your health a fitness in the midst of work, school, children and their schedules, and whatever else may be going on in your daily life. It is an ongoing struggle. I created healthy strong to put quick, reliable health information, that is easy to incorporate into real life at your fingertips. After all, who doesn't want to be healthy? 

Healthy Strong

My sister-in-law, Esther Pavao, originally approached me with the idea for healthy strong. Esther has always had a passion for healthy living, and due to struggling with many food allergies, she had a special insight into the realm of clean eating. Like me, Esther is an honors student in college. However, due to going pre-med her schooling became too intense and she wasn't able to continue with the website. 

Esther is quite brilliant, and did a lot of the ground work of this website on her own, due to me battling some health issues at the start. Once, she bowed out, I didn't want to let it go, so I continued with Healthy Strong on my own. 

My husband is an MD, so I often interview him before writing health pages, in addition to doing my own research. As I've built this website, I've learned a great deal and tinkered my diet and exercise patterns to match my research. 

I have a great passion for learning, but it pales in comparison to my passion for living. I'd like to live a long time, and increase my quality of life by remaining in good health. Healthy is strong, and strong is beautiful.

There are a lot of different parts to healthy living. There is internal health, physical health, and mental health. A lot of people try and tackle one thing on the list and call it quits. For long last health however, it's important to pay attentions to all of your health aspects. 

The idea behind healthy strong, is to give the tools to integrative health, making it easy to incorporate all of these aspects into your daily life. The best health and fitness routine, that will give you the most emotional confidence and rest, is the routine that fits with your life style. 

As you read healthy strong, you will find that many of these pages focus on giving you options for ways to fit things into your life bit by bit. Looking at an entire health overhaul can be intimidating, and feel overwhelming. Starting with one small change at a time, is much more doable. 

It's important to forgive yourself for diet and exercise indiscretions, and remember that every moment is new and you can always try again. Trying again is not starting over. If you move toward an all around healthy based lifestyle, your body will be able to handle infrequent dietary indiscretions. A healthy body should be able to process an occasional doughnut.

Healthy living gives a person a positive mindset, helps one feel good about themselves and their lives, and lets not forget that your body will thank you by running better for longer.

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