About Me

My name is Janelle Pavao Whitelocke, and I'm a mom, wife, college student, homemaker, and wellness enthusiast.

I grew up in East Tennessee on a hundred acre farm in the woods. My mom seemed to have an herbal remedy for everything, so I didn't see a doctor for the first time until I was 15. 

As a child, my mom made pretty much everything we ate. We drank fresh well water, and we took herbal tinctures to avoid wintertime illness. My mom had a close friend, who was a nurse practitioner turned herbalist, and I learned a lot from watching them create poultices and salves for everything from bee stings to boils. I was had a third degree burn on my arm from an iron, and they put a poultice on it of comfrey, plantain, vitamin-e and aloe, and I have no scarring whatsoever.

When I was a teenager, I started to realize how differently the rest of the America was brought up. I tasted tap water at a friends house, and was appalled by the taste of the chemical additives. Later, I stared watching documentaries about how food was grown, the chemicals in body products, and so much more.

The toxic overload came as a real shock to me, and when I moved into my first apartment in Memphis, TN at 18, I found myself in constant fear of drinking water, breathing air or even washing my hands with soap available in public places. 

I learned very quickly how to invent skin and hair products, how to find inexpensive natural food (farmer's market, Oriental market, and Indian market), and how to pretty much hide out from the toxins surrounding me.

After meeting my husband (who's an MD), I became a little more open to western medicine, and he became a little more open to natural remedies. We both rubbed off a little bit on each other, and eventually struck a balance health-wise. 

By the time my oldest daughter was born, I had an arsenal of recipes for everything from condiments and healthy food to bath and body products and herbal home remedies. Mom's Healthy Living Guide eventually became an outlet for me to deposit everything I picked from others or invented myself.

I'm in college now, studying computer programming, so I often find myself at a loss for time between school, keeping up with wifing and momming, and trying to work. Time management and peace of mind became very linked in my mind, and I found that once I was able to strike a balance with all of the constantly moving parts in my life, I was happier and healthier.

The baby weight I'd had trouble losing seemed to suddenly fall off, I was less exhausted, and my skin appeared just better overall. That's when I began to put a real emphasis on mental health as much as physical health.

The healthy habits I developed gave me a new confidence in the human body's incredible ability to heal itself if you give it the right building blocks. My hope for this site is that these tips, tricks, and recipes can help make other mom's lives easier and healthier too.

How I Got Started this Website

My passion for health stemmed from a fear of chemicals in everything around me, that bordered on paranoia. 

When I became aware of the toxic load in everything from food and water to skin and hair care products, and all the way into the medical system that's supposed to keep us well, I started avoiding buying anything at all except raw, natural ingredients. This led me to start making my own condiments, spice mixes, skin and hair products, and even herbal home remedies.

My sister-in-law, Esther Pavao, originally approached me with the idea for healthy strong, a different health and wellness website we were going to do together. Esther has always had a passion for healthy living as well, and due to struggling with many food allergies, she had a special insight into the realm of clean eating. Like me, Esther is an honors student in college. However, due to going pre-med her schooling became too intense and she wasn't able to continue with the website. 

Esther is quite brilliant, and did a lot of the ground work of that website on her own, due to me battling some health issues at the time. Once, she bowed out, I didn't want to let it go, so I continued with on my own, but changed the site to Mom's Healthy Living Guide. Although I didn't keep any of those pages, the research from them played a role in my pages about healthy eating.

Like most women these days, I work hard at multitasking. It can be hard to devote time to your health and wellness in the midst of work, school, children and their schedules, and whatever else may be going on in your daily life. It is an ongoing struggle. I created Mom's Healthy Living Guide to put quick, reliable tips, tricks and health information, that's easy to incorporate into real life at your fingertips.

Mom's Healthy Living Guide

My husband is an MD, so I often interview him before writing health pages, in addition to doing my own research. As I've built this website, I've learned a great deal and tinkered my diet and exercise patterns to match my research. 

I have a great passion for learning, but it pales in comparison to my passion for living. I'd like to live a long time, and increase my quality of life by remaining in good health. When someone in my family gets sick, we use herbal home remedies; when we're hungry, we eat chemical-free food; every day we make a point to exercise as a family, and every day I learn some new healthy hack to incorporate into our constantly improving habits.

There are a lot of different parts to healthy living. There is internal health, physical health, and mental health. A lot of people try and tackle one thing on the list and call it quits. For long last health, however, it's important to pay attentions to all of your health aspects. 

The idea behind Mom's Healthy Living Guide, is to give moms the tools to integrative health, making it easy to incorporate all of these aspects into your daily life. The best health living routine, that will give you the most emotional confidence and rest, is the routine that fits with your life style. 

As you read Mom's Healthy Living Guide, you will find that many of these pages focus on giving you options for ways to fit things into your life bit by bit. Looking at an entire health overhaul can be intimidating, and feel overwhelming. Starting with one small change at a time, is much more doable. 

It's important to forgive yourself for diet or exercise indiscretions, and remember that every moment is new, as long as you're on this side of the soil you can start again. Trying again is not starting over. If you move toward an all around healthy based lifestyle, your body will be able to handle infrequent dietary indiscretions. A healthy body should be able to process an occasional doughnut, don't beat yourself up about the little things.

Healthy living gives a person a positive mindset, helps one feel good about themselves and their lives, and lets not forget that your body will thank you by running better for longer.

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